[RF] Ninja Dice: Wo finde ich die offizielle Soloregel?

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[RF] Ninja Dice: Wo finde ich die offizielle Soloregel?

Beitragvon RSiur111 » 27. Dezember 2016, 11:33

Hallo Leute,

laut BGG gibt es eine offizielle Solovariante zu Ninja Dice - das schreibt zumindest der Spieledesigner auf BGG. Allerdings finde ich diese Regeln nirgends ... vl weiß ja jemand mehr ;)


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Re: [RF] Ninja Dice: Wo finde ich die offizielle Soloregel?

Beitragvon SpieLama » 23. April 2018, 07:16

Unter ... solo-rules schreibt der Autor:

Officially there aren't solo rules. I have played the basic game solo, though. Essentially you play against an enemy Ninja. Start them with 10 coins, and play as if you were playing a two player game, and roll all the dice simultaneously when you roll (so in the first round you'd roll two threats and your five skill dice). If the enemy ninja steals coins, they keep them. If their dice locks you can't re-roll obviously. In this variant, the enemy Ninja doesn't take a turn - they are only ever rolling threats.

I've played this way a few times when playing solo - usually I'm trying to test various location cards! But then I'll record more scores and try to beat them on subsequent plays.

If you need to up the difficulty, you could give the enemy ninja three or four threat dice instead of two to roll each turn.

I don't find solo plays work with the Kage master expansions as the powers are more complicated and need more decisions during play.

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