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[Steam] [iOS] [Android] Terraforming Mars als App: Digitale Umsetzung des Brettspiels

Verfasst: 8. April 2018, 21:39
von SpieLama
Im zweiten Quartal 2018 soll die digitale Umsetzung von Terraforming Mars für Android, iOS und den PC erscheinen. Verantwortlich für die Umsetzung ist Luckyhammers. Wer möchte, kann in der App bzeziehungsweise dem Computerspiel den Mars in zwei Einzelspieler-Modi besiedeln, entweder ganz alleine (wie im Brettspiel) oder gegen KI-Gegner. Außerdem soll es einen lokalen und einen Online-Multiplayer-Modus geben. Mehr Informationen dazu findet ihr in der folgenden Pressemitteilung von Asmodee Digital.

Asmodee Digital hat geschrieben:Asmodee Digital Bringing Terraforming Mars to Steam, iOS, and Android
Invade Space on PC and Mobile with Updated Graphics and Beyond

PARIS -- April 4, 2018 -- Asmodee Digital, the industry leader in digital board game entertainment, announced today they are bringing Fryxgames’ award-winning strategy board game, Terraforming Mars, to Steam (PC), Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Developed by LUCKYHAMMERS, the digital edition of Terraforming Mars will launch into Early Access in May and full launch happening later in Q2 of this year.

Faithfully developed alongside the game’s original creator, Jacob Fryxelius, the digital edition of Terraforming Mars is a true adaptation of the cult classic board game. Each player competes as a powerful corporation tasked with terraforming the Red Planet. Players create oceans, plant forests, import resources from Earth, and more in an effort to make Mars habitable for human life. Mars may be an unforgiving planet, but the real enemies are the competing organizations who will stop at nothing to claim Mars for themselves by sabotaging resources, crashing asteroids into fields, and wreaking havoc on mission-critical systems.

Players can compete across several game modes, including two unique single-player modes where the player can play solo (just like the board game) or against AI controlled opponents, pass-and-play local multiplayer, and +online multiplayer in intense turn-based strategic gameplay.

“Terraforming Mars captured our imagination the moment we laid our eyes on it. Not only is it the most demanded and highest rated board game since its launch in 2016, it’s a far-out trip to Mars!” says Philippe Dao, Chief Marketing Officer of Asmodee Digital. “We’re thrilled to work alongside Fryxgames in bringing their masterpiece to life for digital audiences.”

The physical edition of Terraforming Mars launched in 2016 and became an instant cult classic among board game enthusiasts. The game was named one of the best 50 games of 2016 by Popular Mechanics, ars technica listed the game as one of its 20 best games of 2016, and Vulture called it “the best high strategy game of 2016.”

Auf Steam findet ihr das Spiel schon jetzt unter ... ming_Mars/.

Re: [Steam] [iOS] [Android] Terraforming Mars als App: Digitale Umsetzung des Brettspiels

Verfasst: 22. April 2018, 18:45
von SpieLama
Ben2 hat sich die Pre-Alpha-Version der App-Umsetzung von Terraforming Mars angeschaut. Viel Spaß mit dem Video.