Ulrich Blennemann neuer Brand Manager Board Games bei Compass Games

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Ulrich Blennemann neuer Brand Manager Board Games bei Compass Games

Beitragvon SpieLama » 10. Januar 2018, 00:20

Ulrich Blennemann wechselt von ADC Blackfire Entertainment zu Compass Games. Dort ist er neuer Brand Manager Board Games. Mehr Informationen dazu in der folgenden Mitteilung von Compass Games.

Compass Games hat geschrieben:Uli Blennemann joins Compass Games, LLC. as Brand Manager Board Games

"We are proud to expand our growing team with Uli Blennemann," said Compass Games' partners Ken Dingley and Bill Thomas.

"Uli will lead the newly formed "Euro game division" at Compass. He is based in Germany and is highly regarded in the "Euro-type games" arena, comments Dingley.

Compass games will enter the "Euro part" of gaming next year, producing high-quality Euro games. "This is not a shift in our brand strategy, but an expansion. We are not going to reduce our military simulations output; our fans can rejoice," says Thomas.

Uli Blennemann is the owner of Spielworxx. He started in the gaming industry professionally in 1993. Recently he built the publishing division of ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH and helped grow the board- and card gaming distribution at Blackfire.

"I'm excited to work with Ken, Bill & the whole Compass team. Compass is already a major force in historical gaming; we intend to make it a "player" in Euro type gaming as well in the next few years," says Blennemann.

Look for the first Compass' "Euro-type game" to be announced soon.

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