[Kickstarter] Zombicide: Invader

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[Kickstarter] Zombicide: Invader

Beitragvon SpieLama » 10. März 2018, 14:23

CMON startet auf Kickstarter eine Kampagne für Zombicide: Invader. Es ist ein kooperatives Spiel für 1 bis 6 Personen. Die Spieler kämpfen diesmal nicht gegen Zombies, sondern gegen einen Schwarm infizierter Xenos.

CMON hat geschrieben:Zombicide: Invader is a cooperative game where 1 to 6 players face Xenos, an unfathomable swarm of infected Xenos controlled by the game itself. Each player takes on the role of 1 to 6 Survivors in a sci-fi setting being overwhelmed by these Xenos. The goal is simple: choose a Mission, complete its objectives, kill as many Xenos as possible, and (most importantly) survive!

Survivors will fight Xenos, rescue each other, recover vital data, unveil dark secrets, and much more! Survivors can be Civilians or Soldiers, each with specialized Skills. They all play together as a team, trading Equipment, and covering each other. They use whatever weapons they can get to kill Xenos and slow the invasion. The better the weapon, the higher the body count, but the more Xenos will appear, attracted by the onslaught! Survivors must also be mindful of their location as conventional weapons work fine indoors, but the planet’s oxygen-starved surface, they’ll need to arm themselves with more specialized weaponry… Lasers, anyone?

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