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[iOS] [Android] The Resistance App

Beitragvon zuspieler » 15. Dezember 2016, 08:16

Demnächst erscheint die The Resistance App für iOS und Android. Sie soll auch einen Multiplayer-Modus besitzen. Mehr Informationen findet ihr in der Mitteilung von Indie Boards and Cards.

Indie Boards and Cards hat geschrieben:Resistance App has been submitted!

Finally, after two years of development UnBoard submitted to iOS and Android stores. Of course the app features an announcer, with support for The Resistance, Hidden Agenda and Avalon - and that is of course free for everyone. But, what really is exciting about the app - and what took so long for the development is the support for multi-player games - including AI players for those times that you want to play Resistance but don't have 5 players.

Now any time you and your friends want to get together, have your mobile devices and internet connection - you can play Resistance. You won't need 5 people, you don't all need to be in the same room and you don't need a physical copy of the game. And yes, it is quite fun to play with a mix of human and AI players - Skynet anyone?

We'll be releasing the app first into Australia & New Zealand to do a bit of final testing - device support, load testing, UI, etc. Then we'll launch globally. So look for a release announcement coming soon!

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