[Angekündig] King of Tokyo - Cthulhu Monster Pack

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[Angekündig] King of Tokyo - Cthulhu Monster Pack

Beitragvon SpieLama » 30. November 2016, 07:28

Im ersten Quartal 2017 soll die Erweiterung "King of Tokyo - Cthulhu Monster Pack" erscheinen. Sie erweitert die Spiele "King of Tokyo" und "King of New York", besteht unter anderem aus einer Cthulhu-Figur, dem dazugehörigen Spielertableau sowie je 8 Karten für "King of Tokyo" und "King of New York".

Iello hat geschrieben:The return of the Ancient One promises to spread chaos across Tokyo and New York, where scenes of madness are already multiplying. Even the other Monsters in these places could succumb to the insanity… Will you be crazy enough to respond to his Call?

Welcome Cthulhu, the first in a line of Monster Packs designed to expand the “King of” family! Now you can deploy fishy cultists in the streets to help summon victory!

The Cthulhu Monster Pack is compatible with King of Tokyo and King of New York, as well as their expansions. Cthulhu’s Evolutions work like the Evolutions in King of Tokyo: Power Up! And King of New York: Power Up! To play with Cthulhu’s Evolutions, you need the Power Up! expansion for whichever base game you have.

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