Counter Magazin wird eingestellt

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Counter Magazin wird eingestellt

Beitragvon SpieLama » 25. Januar 2018, 20:30

Das Counter Magazin stellt sein Erscheinen ein. 15 Jahre lang wurde es von Stuart Dagger herausgegeben. Mit Ausgabe 61 übernahm Greg Schloesser, der auch den International Gamers Award organisiert. Von Ausgabe 67 an erschien das Heft, bis dahin ca. 80+ Seiten im A5 Format, nur noch als PDF. Ausgabe 78 markiert nun das Ende. Zu den Gründen äußert sich Greg Schloesser im Editorial, siehe dazu auch

[...] In spite of my efforts to advertise and promote Counter via podcasts, websites, emails, etc., online sales have dropped considerably and continue to decline. The electronic age provides instant access to reviews, podcasts, etc., which has unfortunately resulted in a decrease in the number of folks who turn to periodicals for this information. It is a sad reality, but a reflection of the modern electronic, instant access to information age.

Personally, the amount of time preparing Counter is staggering. The proof-reading and editing is takes so much time—as does the layout process—and with my increasingly busy work schedule (which, financially, is a good thing!) and other obligations, I find myself struggling to get everything done. I contemplated the idea of simply stepping aside as editor and having someone else assume the task, but considering the declining readership and the desire to make sure the history of Counter is not in any way tarnished or diminished, I and others associated with Counter feel it is best to bring its magnificent run to an end. [...]

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