Es tut mir leid, dass dies auf Englisch ist. suchender Partner

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Es tut mir leid, dass dies auf Englisch ist. suchender Partner

Beitragvon PabloG » 8. Februar 2020, 12:57

Hi, My name is Pablo, I'm from Argentina. I'm currently developing a game that we expect to Kickstart on August. I want to have a German Version of it, because I love German, Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch, But Most important, I was on Essen last year And I think that If we consier showing the game, It has to be both in English and German (And Spanis because it's my language :)).

I'm considering Seriously having a Booth there, showing the game. Getting there from Argentina last year cost me a lot (more than 2500 euros). So What I want to do is have a Partner in Germany for this adventure.

The idea is that the German Speaker translate the game (I can do it in a Google way, but I saw German to Spanish translations and it's disrespectfull) but also represents the game in the german market, Essen and Nuremberg Fairs included. I prefer to expend more money on Booth that planes ;D.

What I offer is being part of the project and the benefits. My idea is create a Partnership with the people confident in this game. But also being a trampoline to other games that are pretty good but are stack on a Single Guy / effort development.

Right now the game It's in a fast pace. Since 2017 I'm Developing but in the last 3 month 3 Illustrator are working on the game, and other people (English Grammar Corrector and Graphic Designer) recent join the team.

We are all people that have "real life" jobs, but the boardgames push us to do something in this direction.

On July I will show the game on the Gen Con. By July we expect to have a 99% product.

Again Sorry for English. If your are interested, Send me a PM or send me an email to


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Re: Es tut mir leid, dass dies auf Englisch ist. suchender Partner

Beitragvon Seb » 16. Februar 2020, 21:49

Hey Pablo, first of all I want to express my respect that you are so full of confidence and are willing on spending a lot of your money into the business. That a risk which is not matched by many self-publishing developers.

I hope that you can find a descent partner for the German market or at least spend some great days of gaming at the fair in the upcoming October!

Best regards,
Der Seb

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